Comments from past riders:

*JessiB1375, New Braunfels, Texas,

“Great ride!” 
Bob is an amazing guide and my family had a great time! The owner really cares about the safety of the visitors and the horses. 
*April C, Dillon, Colorado 
“Beautiful Ride, Great Horses” 
I took my twelve year old son to the ranch for a ride and was NOT disappointed! The horses were great, our wrangler was excellent and the scenery was picturesque; we couldn't have asked for a better afternoon! We were given horses to fit our riding level (my son is pretty inexperienced, while I am a more advanced rider. 
*Trina C, Lafayette, California 
The horse that was chosen for me was not what I would have expected. I rarely find a place that has horses that do what you want, whether it is at a quicker pace or a slower one. These horses were all that and more, trotting when asked, slowing/stopping when asked, turning away from the group when asked.. We got to explore the treed areas and kick up our heels on the flats. Our wrangler was amazing, telling us about the area, the ranch, and other great places to check out. He seemed to know when to fade into the background and let us do our thing, and when to chat us up. All in all, it was a great day with my family. We will be returning again soon. 

*bigatrop,New York City, New York

“Great Horseback Ride” 
While vacationing, my girlfriend and I decided we had to go on a horseback ride to enjoy the scenery. They let us ride wherever we wanted (with a wrangler present of course) and were able to spend 3 hours on horse-back, enjoying nature. Definitely recommend, and definitely would go.   






Heartline Ranch:  Horse rides in Klamath Falls ​& Tipi Village!!

Hi! Cowboy Bob here, to say 'Howdy' and tell a little about us. I have been working with horses for many years, using natural horsemanship methods. We offer Horse Rides in Klamath Falls, and a Horsey Campgrounds for those who travel with horses. We are down the road from Crater Lake, on Crater Lake Hwy. I have been training horses, giving lessons and taking literally over 1,000s people on trail rides all throughout the Rocky Mountains and Oregon. Kori, my wife, is a professional artist (Her website: and has an intuitive way with horses, while she does her art and rides with me. You will talk to her for your reservations at 541-887-9013. 

There's ALWAYS new fencing to do!


​                             ​



     I have trained horses for years, currently just training horses to ride here at the ranch for our trail rides. TRAIL RIDES: available daily during our season, $65. per person for 1 1/2 hours, schedule with us ahead of time is best.

ALSO: Bob's Horsey Blog can be great fun reading, -hint- new book coming out soon of Tales of the Trails, Bob's interesting and sometimes hilarious experiences as he takes people on rides through our mountains and parks. Sometimes true stories are funnier than anything you can make up! If you've ridden with Cowboy Bob, you may be IN this book.)

     I still give a few lessons to individuals, especially new riders during our trail rides. We have been developing the ranch of 455 acres beside the Winema National Forest. One of our pages will show what we have been doing.

     Our neighbors have enjoyed watching us turn  a 'diamond in the rough' into a more polished fine stone, and as we all know, this takes time, patience and a lot of hard work- wanna help?

    We currently have just installed an outdoor arena, 183'x 160', also we are planning on putting in an Indoor Arena soon. 

     ​ Our season began in April,2019, even though we had some residual snow and rain. All 6 tipis got put up by end of April, and were rented fully most of our season.Some years that's 0', last year it was 36", 3 years ago it was 91"! This hear our 'Tipi Season' ended mid-October due to rain and cold. We have decided NOT to do tipi rentals this Winter. Our new 2020 season will begin around the end of April, depending on our snow conditions at the time. We will announce this plenty ahead of time.

Riding's FUN...look at some of our pictures. When you ride with Cowboy Bob, he will take  pictures and send them to you upon your request. Here are some here for your enjoyment

Kori Guy Crutcher

    * Watercolor Painting

    * Oil Painting & Pottery

Kori & Shizanee'- our Miracle Girl!

Horsey naptime...not every day is a work day!

Heartline Ranch & Horsey Campground

           Cowboy Bob on Oreo

 Heartline Ranch 

 41837 Hwy 62 (Crater Lake Hwy)

 Chiloquin, OR 97624




"Tales of the Trails: A Horse Wranglers Funny Tales"
 NOTE: When you buy Bob's book from us, shipping is free &
 it's Autographed!

++We are now announcing ++

-New Gallery Place


Kori Guy Art

     merging with Heartline Ranch

               Kori Guy is 

     an International Native American

​     Professional artist (4th tab above)