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Likan Shalii'-Heartline Ranch and Horsey Campgrounds brought this girl with us from Colorado in 2013. She is one of our two original rescues. She was not being fed and was 250# underweight  with her white eye being beaten, (They said it was her 'evil eye', can imagine?! )She is a paint/Quarter Horse mix called a 'Dun Overo', the white being on her belly. Her name means 'Sweet Horse' in Navajo,Well deserved name, 90% of the time, 10% stubborn mule! She's a favorite with new riders, she will NOT run of her own desire, , but prefers to take her time on a trail for a nice leisurely walk. She is also bonded to Heather, my daughter, and has been Shizanee's best buddy for over 6 years before we rescued her and Shizanee together. She was 250# underweight, and as you can see, is no longer a problem...we now call her "Miss Chubby"

Cookie-Heartline Ranch and Horsey Campgrounds in Klamath Falls rescued Cookie in 2014. She is our Mustang/Morgan mix. Her mother was an Oregon Mustang, with Cookie being born in captivity...she LOVES children, especially little girls. She is an easy-rider, very reliable has an even gate, and very smart. she is 14.2 hh, and Bob uses her as his main lesson horse. Cookie LOVES people, but is a private thinker type in her herd. Cookie is older, but still very active..she has been retired to only giving kids rides, and has a 100# limit.

​​​​Slim- Heartline Ranch and Horsey Campgrounds in Klamath Falls were so blessed to be allowed to adopt Slim from a wonderful horsey home in Bend. He is one of our registered QuarterHorses, our gentle giant. He is 16.2hh, and for all his huge size is a great ride, gentle, willing to take guidance, and great personality. He is our Photo-bomb guy, if we are taking a picture, we find him in it.  He has good sense, timing, and curious, but listens well and smooth mellow personality. He quickly becomes a favorite with everyone on our ranch..

Shiza'nee-Heartline Ranch & Horsey Campground in Klamath Falls rescued this girl first in Colorado. A Tennessee Walker/Red Paint , she had been severely starved, being more than 500# underweight. She is bonded to Kori, She is sweet tempered, well trained, 16.2 hands, so a huge beauty.  Her name is Navajo for 'I am Lucky', which has proved to be a true name for her over and over.      

Our Horses in Klamath Falls-Personal & Trail

​​​​Bunny-Heartline Ranch and Horsey Campgrounds in Klamath Falls is bery proud of our horses in Klamath Falls. Bunny is Bob's 'Mane Squeeze' .Bunny is QuarterHorse/ Tennessee Walker mix, a big gentle girl who can really move. She is smart, listens and responds well. She is big and loveable, a great horse to ride, and is exactly the horse who should lead these rides, since all the other horses trust her, and since she walks fast. But she is a secure good ride. We got Bunny and Slim from a very good horsey home in Bend, Oregon. They have always been well-treated and loved, which makes them REALLY reliable and wonderful to ride..