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Redtailed Hawk Teepee.

For Horsey people: ​Call for rates & reservations- 


     Each campsite has: 

           *a Picnic table

           *a screen- covered fire pit

​           * 5 sites have: *2, 12'x12' horse stalls, dog/coyote proof

                                    (or if you dont have a horse, could be used as a

                                     doggy yard).

           *Two Sites are TEEPEE sites: -the Hummingbird teepee

                                                               -the RedTailed Hawk teepee

           *Propane showers with free towels (check them out 

               from owners ). Price of showers included in camping fee.

HORSE OWNERS:MUST show proof of immunizations/good

                   health of your horse before you are permitted

                   onto our ranch. COGGINS test mandantory.The good                       health of all our horses is very vital to all of us.

(You may purchase hay if you need, and our solar-powered well has constant wonderfully fresh water for all. You will need to 'bucket it"

to your site, or ask us for help and we can tractor it there for you.

**Dogs MUST be on LEASHES at all times! (Insurance requires)

Heartline Ranch & Horsey Campground,

​41837 Hwy 62, Chiloquin, Oregon 97624

​541-887-9013, www.HeartlineRanch@gmail.com


Our teepees also rent through Airbnb or call number below.. Each teepee has a firepit inside, and a cooking area outside. Each teepee has 4 mattresses and sleeping bags & pillows.

We have been open since July '2017. We have 9 spaces, now, 6 more shortly.

We now rent our campgrounds through Airbnb.. or call 541-887-9013 for reservations.You will have the Winema National Forest beside you, and our trails behind you, how perfect could it be with your favorite best friend, your horse? Come enjoy a truly unique "Western Experience"

 Hummingbird Teepee

Heartline Ranch Horsey Campground

We are excited to announce the beginning of our Teepee Village AND our Propane Showers