Once we found our ranch and began to develope it, things evolved into the ranch we have now, a 455 acre horse ranch & Tipi Village. Ask our neighbors, our ranch was a real DIY project! Talk about a 'Diamond in the Rough". We are humble but proud of all our hard work, and encourage you to watch us for our every-year continued growth and progress.

​Our ranch is now a place for our once-rescued horses and us to ride, take rides, and enjoy the people who come to stay with us in our Tipi Village. We currently have 6 different tipis, each with their own design, and hiking trails beside the Winema National Forest. Our tipi village season is early May- end of October. Riding is whenever the weather allows us when there is NO snow!

Our story: 

    Bob & Kori originally moved to Oregon from the mountains of Colorado. Bob had been a wrangler there, giving guided rides in Rocky Mtn National Park, and Kori had been a professional artist and a University Professor. Both loved to ride horses on trails, and both were artists. When we moved to Oregon, it was out of a desire to have more reasonable land, more temperate climate all to give us more and better riding for our horses. We had rescued 3 horses in Colorado, and moved them here with us (which is a story in it'self (go to Bob's blog for that story). 

About us:       Cowboy Bob & Kori Guy Crutcher

​Owners of Heartline Ranch