Kori Guy Art

                    Navajo/Cherokee Painter & Potter


This is the just a sample page of Kori's art, we have combined our body of work, Bob and I, onto a new website of www.HeartlineRanchArts.com  There are progressively going to be more and more pages added of both artist's work as time goes on, plus a shopping page.. As always please feel free to call us at 541-887-9013 to order prints/ pottery. Prints are already made up, ready for shipping. 

 Kori​​ Guy is an American Indian Painter and Potter.​ . Kori is Navajo of the To’Aheed Liini’ Clan (Where the Waters Flow Together), and is also Cherokee and Mohawk. Her ancestors were from the Canyon DeChelly and the Luchukai areas of the Navajo Reservation. Being raised with her Navajo traditions in her very early life, with the Navajo language being her first language, Kori uses her artwork drawing from her deep love of those traditions and stories that surrounded her. Her artist’s name- Dine’Woolchoo’n, means Navajo Quilt.

Kori is lives in Oregon with her husband Bob, at Heartline Ranch, a 455 acre horse ranch in Chiloquin, Oregon, just down the road from Crater Lake.  Heartline Ranch is also home to their rescue horses, and a tii village, where they take people on trail rides on their ranch, and rent out the 6 tipis to tourists. Their ranch is next to the Winema National Forest, a very beautiful place full of wildlife and birds of all kinds.

In Colorado Kori has displayed her work at many galleries, including a one woman show two separate years, in the Mari Michener Gallery in Greeley, Co., also the Denver Indian Market for many years, as well as the Tesoro Annual Indian Market, and the Artist’s Coop, in River Canyon Gallery in Bailey, Colorado. Kori completed her PHD in Fine Arts at University of Northern Colorado in 1993.Since moving to Oregon, Kori has been busy with her horses and painting and helping her husband as they build their ranch business together. Her artwork can be seen on her website: www.KoriGuyArt.com which is now joined with their ranch website, www.HeartlineRanch.com and also on display at their ranch. As they have spent a lion’s share of time working on the ranch with their horses, Kori mostly does her artwork in the winter time.

Traditional stories go with all of her art pieces. Kori Call them ‘story paintings’ and ‘story pots’, and shares the traditional ways she learned while growing up. The blend of all three media, watercolor, oil painting and pottery, shows that she is truly a multi-media artist. Kori has said many time she will see the art piece she is to do in her dreams, or as she is hiking in the mountains or riding her horse. Many of her pieces have themes that link one art piece to the next. Kori states that she gets different energy from each media. Not surprisingly, currently she is working quite a bit on the theme of horses. She and Bob have been involved with the Wild Mustang adoption projects and are into rescuing horses, as can be seen by their own special horses. Sharing with her audience a blend of all of these she believes helps the people around her to better appreciate beauty and life in today’s world. She strongly believes that the traditional Native beliefs can help all people be at one with our Mother Earth, and all our Relations in this world..

Kori has 4 children and 4 grandchildren, and has been a teacher since 1977 in the public schools, in Wyoming and Colorado. Kori retired from teaching Native Studies at Metro. State University in Denver, Colorado. Upon moving to Oregon in 2013, she taught Watercolor studies at OIT, and retired a second time in 2015 to work with her husband Bob on their ranch. Kori has been a professional artist since the age of 15.