Likan Shalii'-Heartline Ranch and Horsey Campgrounds brought this girl with us from Colorado in 2013. She is one of our two original rescues. She was not being fed and was 250# underweight  with her white eye being beaten, (They said it was her 'evil eye', can imagine?! )She is a paint/Quarter Horse mix called a 'Dun Overo', the white being on her belly. Her name means 'Sweet Horse' in Navajo,Well deserved name, 90% of the time, 10% stubborn mule! She's a favorite with new riders, she will NOT run of her own desire, , but prefers to take her time on a trail for a nice leisurely walk. She is also bonded to Heather, my daughter, and has been Shizanee's best buddy for over 6 years before we rescued her and Shizanee together. She was 250# underweight, and as you can see, is no longer a problem...we now call her "Miss Chubby". Likan is smaller, being 14.2.

Introducing our Christmas   girl: 

OREO- Oreo is a registered paint, brought to us through dear friends, Virginia Curtis-Threadgill and Connie Willard of  the fantastic Project Spirit,who had brought Oreo of Nevada and adopted to a loving home,  but due to circumstances, needed to be re-homed. So Oreo was our Christmas present this year, the best sort of present horsey people could have! Oreo is mellow, mild, and has a lovely gait, and is friendly with children and adults. Her coloring completes the beauty of our herd for sure! We are so blessed to have her here with us now. She is a love-bug cuddler type, loves children and attention.

​​​​Slim- Heartline Ranch and Horsey Campgrounds in Klamath Falls were so blessed to be allowed to adopt Slim from a wonderful horsey home in Bend. He is one of our registered QuarterHorses, our gentle giant. He is 16.2hh, and for all his huge size is a great ride, gentle, willing to take guidance, and great personality. He is our Photo-bomb guy, if we are taking a picture, we find him in it.  He has good sense, timing, and curious, but listens well and smooth mellow personality. He quickly becomes a favorite with everyone on our ranch..

Shiza'nee-Heartline Ranch & Horsey Campground in Klamath Falls rescued this girl first in Colorado. A Tennessee Walker/Red Paint , she had been severely starved, being more than 500# underweight. She is bonded to Kori, She is sweet tempered, well trained, 16.2 hands, so a huge beauty.  Her name is Navajo for 'I am Lucky', which has proved to be a true name for her over and over.      

Our Horses in our ranch-Personal & Trail

​​​​Bunny-Heartline Ranch and Horsey Campgrounds in Klamath Falls is bery proud of our horses in Klamath Falls. Bunny is Bob's 'Mane Squeeze' .Bunny is QuarterHorse/ Tennessee Walker mix, a big gentle girl who can really move. She is smart, listens and responds well. She is big and loveable, a great horse to ride, and is exactly the horse who should lead these rides, since all the other horses trust her, and since she walks fast. But she is a secure good ride. We got Bunny and Slim from a very good horsey home in Bend, Oregon. They have always been well-treated and loved, which makes them REALLY reliable and wonderful to ride..She is Bob's baby. 

Sadly we lost Bunny to an annurism last year. We leave her here, because we cant part with her yet.








Foxy- Foxy is one of our newer horses, What a Babe! She is a registered Missouri Foxtrotter, and SUCH a sweet temperment. She loves cuddles and treats, follows us around like a puppy, so willing to please and what a mover. But be patient and kind with her, she can be shy and get hurt feelings, so we are gentle and loving with her. She is now 29 years old, but acts and moves like a much younger horse. She's been there, done that, and fast but good. What a lover! She has fast become a favorite. Foxy is slim and tall at 16. We've been feeding her up to a little plumper size, and she loves to eat. She is a mellow sweetheart. We have since retired her.