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On a trail ride, 455 acres of great trails!

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Please NOTE:  NO DOGS ALLOWED loose! Must be on leash!-Insurance requires us...dogs and horses do not mix safely. Please keep your dog in the car or on a leash,


We realize that your dog may be the greatest in the world, we have 2 dogs ourselves, BUT they are in the house or in their yard...too many accidents occur between dogs and horses, AND our insurance wont allow it. After 1 warning, if you do  not comply, you will be asked to leave.

Cisco & Cookie- First day home w/Bob & Kori...you are ours now, safe and loved

    Horse Riding & Horsey Campground in               Klamath Falls-  On Crater Lake Hwy

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Happy horses grazing

   Reservations & Info about Riding and Horsey Campgrounds:

For RESERVATIONS Trail Rides: call 541-887-9013 (also to ask questions is ok to call)

    -WE have a waver/rules form to fill out, to be read and signed before you ride. You canfill them out when you get here and infomation for Riding with us. This includes for Trail Rides:

        1) YOU will need shoes with a heel on them, no sandals allowed.

       2) You need to wear comfortable pants or jeans, NO shorts (need to protect legs)

       3) Wear a light-weight long sleeved shirt or jacket that can be zipped or buttoned (no flapping clothing)

       4) IF you wear a hat, it must be fastened firmly to your neck or head, no flapping/blowing hats

       5) We will take pictures for you at the beginning and end of ride NO CAMERAS or Cell phones allowed on the ride.

       6) You may bring water to drink before or after ride, but none taken along on ride please.

- And for the Horsey Campgrounds  RESERVATIONS call 541-887-9013

-NOTE: Many of our horses were ones we rescued, they each have a great story...it's why the horses are 'at the heart' of our ranch. Go to our 'Horsey Stuff' page to read about them. ( Our horses are NOT old plugs! You are expected to be an active participant/rider with our horses.  -WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE A RIDE if for any reason we think it is an unsafe environment, or ill-prepared rider. We put safety first!