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Happy horses grazing

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   Reservations & Info about Tipi Village & Heartline Ranch Arts

- And for the Tipi Village RESERVATIONS call 541-887-9013

-NOTE: Many of our horses were ones we rescued, they each have a great story...it's why the horses are 'at the heart' of our ranch. Go to our 'Horsey Stuff' page to read about them. ( Our horses are NOT old plugs!  We are very proud of our horses!

​​Locating us:

On a trail ride, 250  acres of great  hiking/riding trails!

Please NOTE:  NO DOGS ALLOWED loose! Must be on leash!-Insurance requires us...dogs and horses do not mix safely. Please keep your dog in the car or on a leash,


We realize that your dog may be the greatest in the world, we have 2 dogs ourselves, BUT they are in the house or in their yard...too many accidents occur between dogs and horses, AND our insurance wont allow it. After 1 warning, if you do  not comply, you will be asked to leave.

Cisco & Cookie- First day home w/Bob & Kori...you are ours now, safe and loved