Each campsite has: 

           *a Picnic table

           *a screen- covered fire pit (during Firebans-NO FIRES

​           * Each tipi has: 4 memory foam mattresses, 4 sleeping bags, 

               a battery-operated lantern, mosquito insence, and indoor

               firepit (for heat as needed) and an outside picnic table 

               along with a firepit bbq for cooking on.

            * We have 2 tipi sites, which give you all kinds of privacy,

               being next to Winema National Forest. You could literally

               hike off this property all the way to Canada! Our personal

               acreage is 250 acres, so you will have totally private access

               with only one other tipi of people around. Where else

                would you get that kind of privacy!

              *Porta potty and shower, on-demand hot water. 


  **We are dog-lovers ourselves, but Dogs MUST be on LEASHES at all times! (Insurance requires) and never left alone in the tipi. 

Heartline Ranch & Tipi Village,

​41837 Hwy 62, Chiloquin, Oregon 97624

​541-887-9013, www.HeartlineRanch@gmail.com

    ** Brand new tipi- in honor of the mustangs we love so much!

Our tipi rent through (Look us up on: (Heartline Ranch, LLC--Booking.com, Airbnb , or Hipcamp. Each tipi has a fire pit inside, and a cooking area outside. Each tipi has 4 mattresses and sleeping bags & pillows. Google us at Heartline Ranch & Tipi Village..OR>>> Call us at 541-887-9013 with any questions you may have. Our rental agencies have everything listed for us, and we prefer that you rent them this way.

#2) Wild Mustang Tipi.

#1) Redtailed Hawk Tipi.

We have been open since July '2017. We used to have 5 camping spaces, AND 6 tipis. THEN came the TwoFourTwo fire in September to change our world forever!

         We lost 5 of our tipis, and are forever grateful to our courageous firefighters here in Chiloquin! We wanted to just give up...but that's NOT us! We had 1 tipi left in pristine condition, and have now added a second. So we will no longer allow other campers and rv's. Please pardon us if we no longer want  so many people on our land building campfires. (Until you have evacuated your horses at 11:30 at night with a wall of fire coming down the hill behind you , you have NO RIGHT to criticize us on what we now do. We are proud of our horses for how well behaved they were, and we now ride only privately.

We now rent our campgrounds through Booking.com,Airbnb,  &Hipcamp  or call 541-887-9013 for reservations. Come enjoy a unique "Western Experience"

                      Tipi Village